• Low Blood Sugar?

    Low Blood Sugar?

    The First Premixed Glucagon Autoinjector

  • Compounding


    Custom medications to suit all of your unique needs

  • Multi-Dose Packaging

    Multi-Dose Packaging

    Package your medications to make them easily manageable

  • Travel Vaccinations

    Travel Vaccinations

    A variety of travel vaccinations and immunizations to help keep you healthy

  • Durable Medical Equipment

    Durable Medical Equipment

    We carry a full-range of durable medical equipment

We’re here to help you get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be assured that Island Pharmacy is open to process new and refill prescriptions and that we are receiving daily shipments of pharmaceuticals from our wholesalers as usual. For the safety of our patients and staff we are limiting the number of patients inside the pharmacy to four at one time and are asking for patients to be mindful of others and keep a six feet distance whenever possible. For our patients who are elderly or have other disease states and are at increased risk we are offering to bring prescriptions and other items to your vehicles in the pharmacy parking lot. Please call the pharmacy to request this service. Patients may also request friends, family or taxi cab drivers to pick up prescriptions for them. If you have any questions please feel free to ask the pharmacy staff. Thank you for choosing Island Pharmacy.

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Meet Your Pharmacist

Bruce Christensen, RPh (Right) graduated from Idaho State University of Pharmacy and went on to co-found Island pharmacy in 1974.

    Barry Christensen, RPh (Left) graduated from the University of Washington and joined Island Pharmacy as a pharmacist in 1988.
    Barry's two daughters Inga and Sonja work with them in the pharmacy as well.

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